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And shaking their heads. „God fucking dammit; those Americans are at it again. At the conference in Naples that Fidelity hosted last month, Raimondi, the financial adviser, marveled at how interested Johnson was in talking to clients, despite being atop the world largest mutual fund company. Raimondi recalled that after introducing himself, Johnson asked him what he does, how Fidelity could help him, and what it could do better. More than that, Johnson seemed to pay close attention to what he said..

Prosecutors offer two possible theories in charging documents: That Shelby killed Crutcher impulsively in a fit of anger or that she wrongly killed him as she sought to detain him. Lee F. Berlin, a Tulsa based defense lawyer and a former assistant district attorney in Oklahoma, said prosecutors could present both theories or may decide to move forward with only one and let jurors decide..

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